Invisalign® is the most advanced, popular and innovative clear aligner technique available for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® allows for a more “transparent” approach to orthodontic treatment.
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Moroco Orthodontics is a Diamond top 1% Invisalign Provider in 2021

The Best Part is that Most People Will Never Even Know

Not only are the Invisalign® aligners that move your teeth incrementally transparent and difficult to notice, but our treatment plans are pretty transparent too!


For adults who prefer to keep their orthodontic treatment discrete and comfortable with minimal office visits.

Invisalign Teen®

While the original Invisalign process was designed for adults, Teen Invisalign® is designed specifically for teenagers who want to conceal their treatment.

Invisalign First®

For even younger patients, the Invisalign First® process is designed to offer early (Phase 1) correction for mouths with a combination of baby and adult teeth.

1. I was told I'm "not a candidate" for Invisalign®

Our doctors have been treating patients with Invisalign® since 2005 and understand how to treat the simplest to the most complex cases including severe crowding, severe bite problems and surgery cases.  Also, if necessary, they understand how to combine Invisalign® with other orthodontic techniques to successfully complete your treatment while keeping things “discreet”. 

2. Invisalign® is more expensive

Actually, no.  In our office the fee for Invisalign® is the same as it is for other clear treatment options (like ceramic brackets) and the range of costs for Invisalign® or braces depends on the ease or complexity of your case. 

3. I am concerned about my child cooperating with Invisalign®

In our experience the younger patients are more cooperative than the adults!  And if for some reason your child does not cooperate with aligners to the level required then we’ll switch to braces, no questions asked, no fees charged.

4. My dentist does Invisalign®. Isn’t it the same thing?

Many of our dental colleagues are prescribing and treating their patients with Invisalign® or other types of clear aligner therapies.  And we understand that.  However, we are orthodontists (with substantial additional training in the field). We do this day in, day out.  We are equipped to handle all types of orthodontic cases in our office as well as experienced enough to anticipate, avoid and handle any/all problems that might occur during a patient’s Invisalign® journey.

5. Can’t I just order aligners online and receive them in the mail?

Sure, you can.  And we are retreating many patients who have done so and been unhappy or run into problems because they had an undiagnosed dental problem that should have been taken care of before the orthodontics.  


Recommended for patients that only need minor movement. Often these are patients who have had orthodontic treatment in the past, and require only “touch-up” work.


An option for patients who are only interested in moving their most visible front teeth. Does not treat rear molars.


Our comprehensive treatment takes several months to completely align all teeth, front and back.

During your new patient consultation our doctors will help you decide which is the best treatment option for you.  At Moroco Orthodontics there is not a “rubberstamp” treatment plan, we will customize a plan just for YOU.

An early pioneer in bringing Invisalign® to patients, Moroco Orthodontics has been offering the service since 2001. Since then, the practice has treated thousands of cases from the very simple to the exceptionally complex. But it is our pioneering remote dental monitoring service that best distinguishes Moroco Orthodontics among Invisalign® providers. This service allows patients to get the most out of their treatment while minimizing office visits by creating an app-based feedback channel between doctor and patient. On a weekly basis throughout their treatment, patients record video of their progress, and receive feedback and recommendations directly from Team MO orthodontists, ensuring the best possible care and results.

The “Stealth Approach” to Orthodontic Treatment

All too often what prevents a person from seeking orthodontic treatment is the fear of how conspicuous it is. Some people, especially older individuals and professionals, are uncomfortable with dedicating several months to wearing braces and regular office visits. Invisalign® removes that barrier, and makes treatment a breeze!

Undetectable and Versatile

The custom-made plastic aligners you will need to wear are clear and transparent, making them difficult for people to notice, even from close up. Plus, because these aligners are removable, patients are not restricted from eating the foods that might damage other orthodontic appliances. Moroco Orthodontics offers Invisalign® treatments for patients of (almost) all ages. (Sorry infants, teeth are a requirement!)


  • 1. I was told I’m “not a candidate” for Invisalign®
  • 2. Invisalign® is more expensive
  • 3. I am concerned about my child cooperating with Invisalign®
  • 4. My dentist does Invisalign®. Isn’t it the same thing?
  • 5. Can’t I just order aligners online and receive them in the mail?

Moroco Orthodontics offers 3 levels of Invisalign® treatment:

The best Invisalign® service available

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