Invisalign First®

Invisalign’s same discreet and groundbreaking treatment is now available for the youngest orthodontics patients! Introducing Invisalign First®!

Moroco Orthodontics is a Diamond top 1% Invisalign Provider in 2021
Invisalign First - Moroco Orthodontics Treatments - Delray Beach
Invisalign First at Moroco Orthodontics

Made for Young Smiles

More and more, Orthodontists are exploring preventive and corrective care options for young patients whose mouths contain a mix of both adult and baby teeth. 

Even at this early stage, known as “Phase One,” experienced Orthodontists can identify issues that will continue to develop, and take action to rectify or alleviate any issues before they develop further.

Invisalign First offers a straightforward, discreet and easy-to-use method for treating patients at this early stage.

A Simple Start

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment was only begun once a patient’s baby teeth had been replaced with permanent adult teeth. Only in rare cases of extreme misalignment were younger “Phase One” patients considered for treatment. But not anymore.

Thanks to Invisalign First, Orthodontists now have a wonderful, “patient-friendly” treatment option that allows them to begin orthodontic treatment earlier, helping to resolve development issues and position incoming teeth for greater success later on.

Invisalign First is comfortable and incredibly simple to use, ensuring that the youngest of patients enjoy a pleasant orthodontic experience.

Early Issues Solved

Invisalign First is designed to address a broad range of early and developing issues in a child’s mouth, from the simple to the complex. Those issues include crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches, all of which are likely to become more severe as the mouth develops and adult teeth come in.

Shorter Treatment Times

Although most Invisalign First patients will require further treatment once all of their adult teeth come in, the early “interceptive” treatment Invisalign First provides can dramatically impact the time required for later treatments. Early detection and proactive adjustment with Invisalign First will often minimize how long treatment lasts, lower the age at which treatment is complete, or both.

Smiling kid after interceptive treatment at Moroco Orthodontics Delray Beach
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