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Clear Braces

The biggest knock against braces has always been their appearance. So, patients who worry about seeing a mouthful of metal when they smile will likely feel more confident wearing braces with clear brackets.

Clear Braces First at Moroco Orthodontics

The Popular Choice

Although they work the same, clear braces are much more popular than traditional metal braces for obvious reasons. Patients report that they not only look more natural, but that they also feel more comfortable to wear, although that is probably due to patients simply feeling more confident.

A More Discreet Solution

Although clear braces are still visible, they are much less apparent for others to notice. By being more discreet than metal braces, they give patients greater confidence, and make them less likely to feel the need to hide their smile or refrain from smiling altogether.

Stronger Than They Look

One concern that patients have about choosing clear braces is whether they will perform as well as metal braces. They will.

Clear braces are made from a transparent ceramic material that is actually stronger than metal, allowing them to stand up to standard use and align teeth with the same force as metal alternatives.

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