Phase 1 / Interceptive Treatment

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The earliest preventive and corrective orthodontic treatment for growing mouths containing a mix of adult and baby teeth.

Kid with a funny face after metal braces with Moroco Orthodontics

Correcting Issues Early

Even though a child’s mouth may still have significant growing to do, an experienced Orthodontist can still detect issues that will only worsen over time, often causing problems that are more difficult to fix.

For this reason, the American Academy of Orthodontists recommends that parents consult with an Orthodontist as soon as adult teeth begin to appear – as early as 6-7 years of age.

Growing Mouths

Many orthodontic issues can be detected even before baby teeth are replaced by permanent adult teeth. Issues such as a narrow palate or misaligned jaw are actually easier to correct at a younger age, as the body is still rapidly developing and can better accommodate change.

Beneficial Either Way

Even when it is determined that a child does not require Phase One treatment, an early consultation at about age 7 can reveal potential issues to look for and monitor as the child’s development progresses. Should treatment become necessary, we will therefore be able to determine the ideal time to begin it.

Prepped for Success

Although orthodontic treatment can be somewhat obtrusive, especially to younger children, addressing issues early with Phase One treatments can substantially shorten treatment times, allowing patients to complete their orthodontic treatment at an earlier age.

Interceptive Treatment kids at Moroco Orthodontics
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