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Technology at Moroco Orthodontics

Tooth Tech - Moroco Orthodontics Technology - Delray Beach

Orthodontics keeps evolving, and you can be sure that our practice will evolve right along with it. 

Here’s a look at some of our “cutting edge” technology and techniques we use to make your Moroco Orthodontics experience second to none!

Tooth Tech - Moroco Orthodontics Technology -Teeth Xray - Delray Beach

CBCT X-ray

We use an I-Cat FLX. X-ray imaging system to give us a truly comprehensive picture of your mouth. The I-Cat FLX uses Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to capture growing teeth in stunning 3-dimensional detail. This allows us to precisely determine tooth positions and angles so that we can plan the perfect treatment for your mouth.

Dental Monitoring

The hassle of waiting in a waiting room or changing your schedule around to make an appointment has become history with Dental Monitoring. We are now able to see patients at home or wherever and monitor tooth movement with appointments that take place right on their smartphones. The future is here!

iTero Scanner

Moving teeth takes time. But what if you could actually see them move? The iTero Scanner is a wonderful tool for tracking what’s going on above the gumline. Easier and faster than regular impressions, the iTero Scanner captures your teeth in 3-D, and then uses timelapse visualization to allow doctors and patients to see actual progress and visualize possible treatment options. So you can see how your teeth are moving!

Tooth Tech - Moroco Orthodontics Technology - Scan Box - Delray Beach
Tooth Tech - Moroco Orthodontics Technology -Teeth Scanner- Delray Beach
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