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Created by the makers of Invisalign® , Vivera® retainers discreetly give your newly-moved teeth the support they need to keep aligned following treatment. 
Vivera at Moroco Orthodontics

The Invisible Retainer

Once treatment is complete, retainers are essential for keeping teeth properly aligned and protecting your orthodontic investment. Unfortunately, many patients avoid wearing standard retainers because they can be cumbersome and make them feel like they’re still wearing braces. Vivera® retainers use the same “stealth” approach as Invisalign aligners. Each is custom-molded to a patient’s smile, and provides durable, yet virtually invisible support to keep teeth in place after treatment.

The Perfect Retainer for Invisalign® Patients

Although Vivera® retainers can be used after any kind of treatment is complete, they are especially appealing to Invisalign patients, because they look and work much the same way. Patients who choose Invisalign treatment because it is discreet will certainly appreciate Vivera® for the same reason.

A Stronger Solution

In addition to being discreet, Vivera® retainers are also about 30% stronger than most standard retainers. Made with a proprietary high-tech material, these retainers get the job done while helping you avoid costly breakage.

Made Just for You

Vivera® retainers are custom-made from impressions of your finished smile. This not only makes them comfortable to wear, but also gives your teeth no room to move, helping them remain in place better once your treatment is complete.
Vivera Retainer teen at Moroco Orthodontics

Advantages of Teen Invisalign

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